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Dr. Suzana Brown

Dr. Suzana Brown is a PI for this project. Her interdisciplinary research explores how modern telecommunications influence business models and contribute to sustainable development. She works in the area of Assistive technology, Health and mobile technology, Internet of things (IoT), ICT for Development and Refugee Entrepreneurship. Dr. Brown taught at universities in the USA, Rwanda, and South Korea. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Technology and Society at SUNY Korea. She holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Telecommunications from the University of Colorado in Boulder, USA.

Dr. Achilles Vairis
Achilles Headshot.png

Prof. Achilles Vairis is a mechanical engineer with a long experience in research and academia in Europe and Asia. His research interests are on friction welding, nano-materials, assistive technology and biomechanical systems, with collaborations in South Korea, China, the Russian Federation, the UK and Italy. He is the Editor-in-Chief of WELDING INTERNATIONAL, published by Taylor & Francis, and member of editorial board of scientific journals; reviewer for scientific international journals; reviewer for research proposals in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus

Dr. Faheem Hussain

Dr. Faheem Hussain is currently working as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS) at Arizona State University (ASU), USA. ). He holds a Ph.D. and an M.Sc. degree in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests include Digital Solutions for Refugees, Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable Development, Digital Afterlife, Social Media, Digital Rights, Gender Empowerment using STEM, and Sustainable Development Goals. Dr. Hussain also works as a Technology Policy Specialist in various research projects with UN-ESCAP/APCICT, USAID, international development agencies (e.g., IDRC, DFID, Ford and Rockefeller Foundation), and international think tanks (e.g., Freedom House, LIRNEasia, Ideacorps) in the fields of Technology, Public Policy, and Development. Dr. Hussain is also a Senior Sustainability Scientist in the School of Sustainability at ASU.

Prof. Maurice Bess

Maurice Bess Is a professor at SUNY Korea works as designer and manager for this project. Before coming to Korea, he was a Development Manager at EA Tiburon, a game development studio under Electronic Arts. While there, he oversaw the day-to-day operations of the Graphics and Rendering, Technical Art, Systems and Animations Teams for the NBA LIVE 2018 video game. During the production of this title, he managed and established a pipeline for working with a team of animators in China who helped to deliver nearly 2,000 additional animations for this release of the game.

Jonathan Boyack

Jonathan Boyack is a Mechanical Engineer with his E.I.T. and is finishing his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University. His focus as a master’s student is in Design and Manufacturing, with a minor in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and he is planning to continue those as a Ph.D. student. He has worked as an engineering consultant where he designed the protective casing for a system of sensors placed on a ball mill and was consulted on multiple patent applications. He worked as a Quality Testing Engineer at Varex Imaging in Salt Lake City. As an undergraduate he worked as a research assistant in the nuclear engineering lab and led a team which designed the pumps for the project and performed the stress analysis on the reactor pressure vessel.

Kyu Hyun Bae

Kyuhun Bae is a PhD. student at the Department Technology and Society in SUNY Korea.  He is interested in diffusion of technology in the public health sector and government policy.  He has work experience in blockchain, online banking, fire equipment and assistive technology. He received an award from the Minister of Health and Welfare on a health promotion assessment tool for Seoul city hall. As an undergraduate he worked as a research assistant in the physical activity epidemiology lab at the University of Minnesota.

Abdus Sabur

Mr. Abdus Sabur has more than twelve years excellent professional experiences in development sectors especially, Project Development and Implementation, Research and Monitoring, Liaison and Partnership Management. Mr. Sabur has completed B-Sc (Hon's) and MS in Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Chittagong. On the fascination of IT, he accomplished another MS in Computer Science and Information Technology.   Nowadays, he has been working in YPSA (Young Power in Social Action), a leading NGO in Bangladesh as a Programme Manager.He has experience and expertise on Right Based Approach, Good Governance, Access to Justice, Safe Migration, Youth Leadership Development, Digitalization and Digital Inclusion

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